Multi-mode remote sensing four-axis aircraft

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Product Description: Multi-mode remote sensing four-axis aircraft
Aircraft weight: 85g
Product specifications: 20*20*3.5CM      Color box specifications: 21*21*10CM
Gross weight: 14/12KGS                         Equipped with: USB charging cable
Color: white, yellow                                  Frequency: 2.4G
Voltage: 3.7V                                           Product battery: lithium battery
Charging time: about 40 minutes             Remote control time: about 9 minutes
Remote control distance: about 100 meters
Protection function: overcharge protection / memory function

Incorporating aesthetic elements, simple and rounded design, two-color matching, classic and durable, stylish atmosphere









  Gravity sensing One-handed control The watch controller can be tilted by hand movement. The drone can be operated synchronously.

Air pressure constant +90% stable
Built-in barometer to determine high intelligent suspension, using pneumatic principle combined with six-axis gyroscope chip to achieve automatic height stability

360 degree roll function Short press the remote finger button during flight Use the remote control to roll in the corresponding direction to meet the diverse needs of players

 Get rid of the original heavy-duty remote control design. Watch-type gravity sensing design makes the watch easy to operate. The perforated wrist strap adapts to different sizes of wrists.

Press and hold the hand to twist. When the fist is raised, it rises/the fist drops when it is depressed. Turn your fists left and right when you tilt left and right. Release the finger button. When the left side of the fist is tilted, the left side flies. When the right side is tilted, the right side flies. When pressed, the forward side moves forward.