100% pure Tencel summer machine washable air conditioner was summer cool was double

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                    60S Lanjing double-sided sky silk printing summer

[Materials] Austria imported 100% Lysell Tencel (AB side double-sided 60S Tencel) [fabric] 60 * 60 yarn, 182 * 120 yarn weaving density, more comfortable than 60 cotton, super soft

[filled] microfiber

[Specifications] Summer: 200 * 230cm 220 * 240cm (weight 1.7kg or so)
             Pillowcase: 48 * 74cm
               Sheets: 200 * 230cm in summer with 245 * 250cm sheets
                       220 * 240cm summer with 245 * 270 cm sheets

[Washing instructions]: 1. Choose a neutral detergent and soak for no more than 30 minutes.
                        2, can be dry cleaning, or machine wash, please choose soft wash or gentle wash, can not dry.
                        3, avoid exposure, choose to dry.
                        4. Avoid contact with rough or acidic, alkaline substances.
   Tencel fiber is 100% pure natural plant wood fiber.
More absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, cooler than linen, like the second layer of skin, let you enjoy the comfort of naked sleep

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